The Wall- 8 Mile and Wyoming Neighborhood- Detroit

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Published on: March 24, 2011
The Wall c.1940
Gabe and Antonio- The Wall c.2011

My experience going to the wall with my best friend Antonio and the amazing Stacey and Freda was life changing to say the least. On our visit we saw the beautiful mural. It was amazing to see the beautiful artwork and all the hard work they put into it. However when I was told of the walls original intentions the first thing I felt was anger. A developer wanted to build more homes but the U.S. government, the government that says “all men are created equal” would not back mortgages because too many blacks lived in the area. I think somethings wrong with this picture. Then the developer made a proposition to put up a wall that would divide the blacks from the whites and that same government approved it. This really upset me. If everyone was equal then why were they dividing the blacks from the whites. It’s not right, everyone should live together cause we are all people and that’s all that matters. My first thoughts were that the wall should of been knocked down because it just brought anger to me, but then I realized it’s an important part of history and it’s something that we can learn from and hopefully something that won’t happen again because all men are created equal.

1 Comment
  1. Cassandra Shannon-Kimble says:

    I grew up 1963-to present in front of this wall. The Wall borderline my backyard on the SW corner of Birwood and Chippewa.

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