Whole New World

Green Chair ProjectOn February 12, 2011 we hosted at Triumphant Cross Church in St. Clair Shores the first of two community build days for the Green Chair Project. The Green Chair Project is a special project supported by the Michigan Roundtable and The Home Depot Foundation for bridging the gap between the youth and the older residents of St. Clair Shores.

In February 2010 at a public meeting on diversity in St. Clair Shores students from the community projected their voices saying they were not connected to the older residents of this community. They wanted to build relationship with these residents in an effort to break down tensions of the newly changing demographic make-up of the community both in age and race.

These Green benches are for distribution to public places in the community symbolizing the effort needed to just sit and talk with someone different than yourself to learn and build relationships. It starts with one conversation and these benches are a place where those conversations can begin.

We will be hosting another community build day in late May or early June.

Please stay connected and watch for opportunities to support this great work.

Michigan RoundtableSupported by the Michigan Roundtable Community Initiative, in collaboration with St. Clair Shores Youth, Schools, and Community Residents.   For more information, please visit at www.miroundtable.org
Call the Michigan Roundtable at (313-870-1500)